FAQ(Frequently Asked Questions)

What does the Optimist Club do?

Optimist Club members work to improve the community for all by fundraising, donating to great causes, and organizing and running activities and events.

When/where do you meet?

General meetings are currently held at 7pm on the first Thursday of each month, from September until June.  General meetings are not held in July and August, but many club activities still take place in the summer!

How can I become an Optimist?

Talk to a local Optimist Club member, or come and check out a meeting. 

Do I need to pay club dues?

Yes.  Our club covers a new member’s dues for the current fiscal year.  All you pay is $30 for registration.  The club collects memberships dues annually, and these funds pay for things like insurance, and district and international programs.  Annual dues are $95 which are reduced by volunteering your time for club activities.

How does the club raise money?

The club has a food trailer that we take to various events and locations.  Hamburgers and Hotdogs, French Fries and more are sold to raise money to support the club.  Jackpot City in St Thomas provides funding from gaming proceeds that we put back into the community.  Members also request funds from various grants.